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Friday April 01, 2022

There Will Be Blood

In the realm of movies made from Marvel properties, we’re looking at an increasingly empty barrel from which to draw blockbusters.The latest entry, “Morbius,” borrows tropes from certified Marvel hits like “Spider-Man” and “Doctor Strange,” at least as far as the way it doles out, …

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Monday March 28, 2022

The 2022 Oscars Awards

I don't know how many of you bothered to watch last night's Oscars ceremony, so …

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Friday March 25, 2022


Back in 2015, Tom Cruise appeared in “Rogue Nation,” starring, among others, Rebecca Ferguson, who …

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Thursday March 10, 2022


I once had a sweet Golden Lab named Maggie. Or more accurately, my family had …

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Friday February 18, 2022

Double Crosses

I am not a gamer, so the fact that “Uncharted” is based on a series …

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